Creepshow 2 (1987)

Directed by Michael Gornick.  Sreenplay by George A. Romero, based on stories by Stephen King.  Starring George Kennedy, Don Harvey, Holt McCallany, Tom Savini and Stephen King.


“Old Chief Wood’nhead”

An old couple runs a little store in this tale that is watched over by a Native American statue.  Little do the know, the statue comes to life when shit goes crazy.  Then shit goes crazy.  The old couple is robbed and killed and the Old Chief goes on a killing spree.  It’s pretty awesome.  And the message is a good one.  Native Americans kick ass.  LOL


“The Raft”

4 college students come out to the lake to go swimming.  That’s pretty much all the setup you need.  Which is scary because I love to swim and may have been with these fools.  DJ wouldn’t have because he can’t swim.  Lucky him.  Because it turns out that there’s a giant, man-eating, oil slick in the lake with them.  I gotta say though, the best part of it all is that everyone’s really annoying (one even molesting) and it’s fun to watch them die.


“The Hitchhiker”

This is a classic.  A really arrogant and impulsive woman hits and kills a hitchhiker only this hitchhiker isn’t quite dead.  And he’s pissed.  It’s quite awesome.  The guy is so freaky looking, but luckily, unlike with The Raft, this would not be me, because I would never hit a guy and take off.  Tisk.

Overall, we love this movie and all it’s stories.  Most people say the first Creepshow is the best, but we don’t agree.  These are all the best kind of revenge stories and we also think they’re scarier than the first.  We highly, highly recommend.

Our score: 84.

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