Blood Beach (1981)

Directed by Jeffrey Bloom.  Written by Jeffrey and Steven Nalevansky.  Starring John Saxon, Burt Young, David Huffman, Marianna Hill and Otis Young.

Plot: people are baffled when victims are sucked into the sand by some creature living underneath


So this is a very unintentionally funny movie about a sand monster that sucks people down and eats them.  The quality is horrible.  The editing is horrible.  The direction is horrible.  And the dog dies.  Damn it.

At one point, it eats off just a man’s penis.  Just his penis.  Like it just needed a very light snack or something.  What is that?

It was pretty original for it’s time, but it left us with so many questions.  What was it?  Why was it?  Where was it from?  And why the hell did people keep coming to the beach after the first person was sucked under?

We recommend only for the die hard fans that watch everything.  For the casual observer, move on to something else.

Our score: 30.

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