Needful Things (1993)

Directed by Fraser C. Heston.  Screenplay written by W.D. Richter, based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.  Starring Max von Sydow, Ed Harris, Bonnie Bedelia, J.T. Walsh, Amanda Plummer, Don S. Davis and Lochlyn Munro.

Plot: a strange shopkeeper comes to town with seemingly everything everyone needs, but the prices are higher than they expected


This is a pretty mediocre movie version of a brilliant book.  Everyone in this town comes to this new shopkeeper and he offers then something that they’ve always wanted.  But in exchange for this thing they want, they have to do him a favor.  Some of the favors are easy and I may have even done them myself, but eventually the favors get deeper and darker than anything anyone should ever do.  Still, these people are persuaded to do awful, hateful things.  I mean, one person kills a dog.  Fuck that.

Ed Harris is hot in this and he’s the only sane person in the whole damn town.  The cast was good.  The effects were neat.  I thought it was entertaining enough to recommend it.  Especially to anyone who’s read the book.  But DJ doesn’t recommend it.  He doesn’t believe people could be so easily persuaded.  If they could, we’d be in even more shit than we already are.  And if this man is all devilish, where is God?

My score: 49.  DJ’s score: 37.

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