Episode 50 (2011)

Directed by Joe and Tess Smalley.  Written by the Smalleys and Ian Holt.  Starring Josh Folan, Chris Perry, Natalie Wetta and Kieron Elliott.

Plot: 2 TV crews team up for a special episode of a paranormal TV show


Me and DJ generally love the “inspecting haunted asylum” movies.  Not sure why, but we do.  We have to watch them all and with this one, we were absolutely blown away.  We don’t know why people orgasm at things like Blair Witch, but scoff at this.  I think the people who found Blair Witch scary should shit their pants over this movie.  Me and DJ jumped out of our skin more than once.  I made an inhuman noise or two and DJ got so scared once, he choked on his burger.

The acting is decent most of the time.  It’s also funny and realistic.  After the first horrific and irrational experience, one guy is just like “that’s it, I’m leaving.”  Of course, he can’t.  It’s too late for that.  But he wants to and that’s so true to life.

It was nice to see something using such good special effects to not be gory or rapey or tortury.  The end was excellent.  The story was intriguing.  It established some cool rules and followed through with them.  We would not watch this alone, but we definitely recommend that you guys see it.

Our score: 82.

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