Body Bags (1993)

Directed by John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper.  Written by Billy Brown and Dan Angel.  Starring John Carpenter, David Naughton, Debbie Harry, Mark Hamill, Robert Carradine, Sam Raimi, Sheena Easton, Stacy Keach, Tobe Hooper, Tom Arnold, Wes Craven and Twiggy.

Plot: a coroner tells us 3 unrelated stories of horror involving his recent cadavers


  1. Gas Station

A college girl works at an isolated gas station while there’s a serial killer on the loose.  There’s a lot of cool cameos in this story.  I love David Naughton!  It’s a great story.  Very memorable.  There’s good Freddy Claws and it’s totally rewatchable.  The only thing bad about it is that the girl is so stupid.  And while there’s not a particular moral per se, the fact that she puts a job and making money ahead of her own safety is just terrible.  Still, this was our favorite of the 3 stories.


2. Hair

A man obsessed with his thinning hair tries a special new solution.  He’s horribly stupid though.  He’s got a woman that loves him just as he is and he still goes above and beyond to change his looks.  This story actually does have a moral.  It’s about vanity and the lengths people go to change their outward appearances.  It’s an incredibly effective story and it really freaks me out.


3. Eye

A baseball player loses an eye in a car accident and gets a transplant from a serial killer.  It has a good cast, but this was our least favorite of the 3 stories.  It’s entertaining and all,  but DJ didn’t like how one eye could take over a whole man and make him do crazy things.


The wraparound story with John Carpenter in the morgue bumped the movie up some points.  It’s a good anthology though.  We really enjoyed it.

Our score: 68.

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