Day of the Dead (1985)

Written and directed by George A. Romero.  Starring Joseph Pilato, Greg Nicotero, Lori Cardille, and Sherman Howard.

Plot: a small group of military officers and scientists live and work underground in a world full of zombies


This is another great chapter in the “dead” series. We are introduced to the first “intelligent” zombie in the guise of “Bub”. A zombie that a crazy doc is doing experiments on. This one might be my favorite of the series overall. it is among my favorite zombie movies of all time.

This one has some memorable dialogue and a couple great kills.  We consider the army guys to the main antagonists. The civilians are super likable though. And Tara probably wouldn’t watch it in the dark alone.

This followed rules and was highly realistic (army can be bad with absolute power).  Good script, some quotable dialogue and great scenes. Good acting, Great effects and great direction, of course with Mr Romero. Very re-watchable with a great story featuring a great ending.


Drinking game: Every time Rhodes is an asshole, every time Bub is awesome and every time the Doc acts crazy.

My score: 93/100.  Tara’s score: 85.

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