Survival of the Dead (2010)

Written and directed by George A. Romero.  Starring Shawn Roberts, Joshua Close, Alan van Sprang, Kenneth Walsh, Kathleen Munroe and Devon Bostick.

Plot: a whole lot of stupid people want to run an island their own way, but it ain’t gonna happen… cause zombies


Ok so this is not Romero’s best work. We didn’t like the story and this got zero Freddy Claws because no one cooperated with anyone.  Overall we were disappointed in what had been, beside the last two movies, an excellent series.

It wasn’t all bad though as it had a good cast and nice innovation.  But that was pretty much it for good stuff.

Semi spoiler alert ahead……


They devise a plan in which they want to feed animals to the dead but if they do what do humans eat, shut it vegans i’m not into your “lifestyle” lol.

I wish they had not killed a horse in the movie , it was mostly pointless and beside that how did three dead take down a horse? Do you know how strong they are?! And why didn’t the horse change? Animals get many diseases that we do so why not the zombie?

We both did not like it with a score of 35/100

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