Day of the Dead (2008)

Directed by Steve Miner.  Written by Jeffrey Reddick.  Starring Mena Suvari, Nick Cannon, Ving Rhames, Michael Welch and Annalyne McCord.

Plot: zombies start eating people in a small Colorado town


This movie is not a remake.  I repeat, this movie is NOT a remake.  It’s a totally different mess that just happens to be titled the same.  There are some nods to the original, but it’s all so annoyingly done.

The effects are so bad.  Why are they so bad?  Why are the zombies so fast?  And why are they like ninja Spidermen?  Surprisingly, the acting was the best thing about the movie.  Just not sure why they all agreed to do this.

Coming from the director of Friday the 13th parts 2 and 3 and the creator of Final Destination, we were expecting better.

Our score: 28.

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