Aftershock (2012)

Directed by Nicolas Lopez.  Written by Lopez, Eli Roth and Guillermo Amoedo.  Starring Eli Roth and a whole bunch of other people that I’m not sure why they said yes.

Plot: after partying in Chile, a group of traveler’s night gets really, really bad after an earthquake hits


Okay, this might be long, but stay with me.  There’s also going to be spoilers ahead, but if you’re like me and certain aspects of films are emotional triggers for you, then you might want to read on.

******SPOILERS AHEAD******



Now that that’s out of the way I’m going to start by saying this is the worst piece of shit movie we’ve ever sat all the way through without fast forwarding or unintentionally laughing.  It’s an uncomfortable movie from beginning to end.  And it’s almost not a horror movie at all.  It was pointless.  And we do do pointless and uncomfortable sometimes.  For example, The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is completely uncomfortable to watch, but it’s necessary.  And Return of the Living Dead wasn’t necessary, but it was so entertaining.

This movie is not necessary and not entertaining.  To add details to the plot, this group of party goers are in a club when an earthquake hits.  Now you’d think that’d be the worst thing that happened to them all night, but oh no.  As they run from falling debris and try to find a safe haven, they are constantly turned away by people who don’t want to help “gringos” because they know that if they do, the bad people – of which there are many – won’t like it.  Trust us, if we were Chile, we’d be really mad at how we were represented.


As the travelers continue through the night, they encounter bad person after bad person.  There is a lot of blood involved.  Someone is crushed.  Of course, someone is raped.  You see dead kids and dead babies.  Oh, and someone is burned alive.  The characters are pointless and irredeemable.  Everyone dies; most of them horrifically.  The movie was just a series of “oh, good, we made it”‘s, followed by “no, shit, we’re even more screwed than before”‘s.  And as a victim of sexual assault myself, this movie can be especially devastating in that arena as rape is very graphically shown.  I would be more upset by the unnecessary rape scenes (yes, that’s plural), but the whole thing was unnecessary, so…

This movie was made to shock and disgust.  Apparently the writers are pessimists who honestly believe that if you’re a good person, you’re screwed.  But I never said I liked Eli Roth.  Actually, IRL I’ve been known to say I do not like him at all.  And this Lopez person has just been accused of assault himself.  Normally, I don’t talk politics on here, but I’m thinking that might be relevant to everything else I’ve said.

Don’t watch it.  That’s our recommendation.  And save yourself from one of the most BS endings ever.  Oh heck, why not just tell you?  One of our “heroes”, Monica, manages to survive the earthquake, the rapes, the fires, the cat-and-mouse, etc. etc and she makes it to the beach and there’s another one of those “oh, good I made it” moments.  But then she turns around to face the water and there’s a fucking tsunami headed straight for her.  Fin.  WTF!!!  FML!!!


We gave this piece of shit a 10 because it was well made and the acting was decent.  But that’s it.  A 10/100.

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