Death On Demand (2008)

Directed by Adam Matalon.  Written by Matalon, Kevin Burke and Brian O’Hara.  Starring Anne McDaniels, Krista Grotte, Jerry Broome and Elisabeth Jamison.

Plot: 6 people compete in a web broadcast contest (while in a haunted house, of course) and someone starts killing them

The shy lesbian and the porn star.

This is a small, little movie filled with giant inconsistencies.  It kept changing the rules as it went along.  Why was his soul trapped in a doll?  You ain’t Chucky, bitch!  You wish you were, but you ain’t.

They kept making things up to.  Riddles and whatnot.  Like the opposite of a mountain being a molehill.  No.  It is not.  The opposite of a mountain is a valley.  Don’t try to be cute.

The characters are so bad.  There’s the shy lesbian who pouts a little after every single sentence.  The porn star who’s looking to sex EVERYBODY.  The jock who overacts every one of his lines.  His ditz of a girlfriend that is a mad at him because he can’t get it up.  The host of the contest who is the quintessential car salesman.  And of course there’s the psychic girl who just feels something is in the house with them.  And her boyfriend who really has NO character at all and whose name is Biff.

The script is so bad.  The delivery is so bad.  Everything is so bad.

Somehow DJ deemed it worthy of a 20, but I gave it an 11/100.

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