Critters (1986)

Directed by Stephen Herek.  Written by Herek and Domonic Muir.  Starring Dee Wallace, Scott Grimes, Lin Shaye, M Emmet Walsh, Billy Zane, Ethan Phillips, Terrance Mann and Don Keith Opper.

Plot: a race of small, furry aliens come to Earth to make a meal out of the people of a small farming town.


This is a fun b-movie creature feature, it didn’t take everything too seriously and it just had fun. It was LOL funny and had good acting. Everyone was likable. It had a good motive, food. Followed rules and was realistic. There was good dialogue and good effects Lets be real the little Critters are adorable.

We also found this to NOT be the gremlins ripoff that a lot of people purport it to be. It had it’s own thing going for it and we found it to be highly re-watchable.




This movie had an adventurous little kid who makes bombs for fun. Chewy the cat lives and the day is saved by the kid, Brad, his sister, April, and the mentally challenged Charlie which makes it all the more awesome that our favorite people did so well.

My score: 81.  Tara’s Score: 71.

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