Freaks (1932)

Directed by Tod Browning.  Written by Willis Goldbeck, Leon Gordon, Al Boasberg, Edgar Allan Woolf, Charles MacCarthur based on Clarence Aaron “Tod” Robins’s story “Spurs”.  Starring Olga Baclanova, Henry Victor, Harry Earles and Daisy Earles.

Plot: a beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of a group of side show performers, but she’s really just a bitch after his money who ridicules him and his friends


I can’t believe we haven’t written about this one yet.  This is such a beautiful story and a beautiful movie.  When asked if a horror movie has ever truly made us cry we think of things like Train to Busan and Night of the Creeps and, of course, Freaks.  Originally panned because critics thought no one would be interested in the story full of freaks, it is now a cult classic.  And the true irony is that while older critics found the story of an average-size woman falling for a little person unbelievable, it’s the truth of it that makes the story so damned emotional nowadays.

It’s not that we love him because he’s small, although he is adorable.  It’s that we love him because he’s innocent.  The whole side show is.  Almost from beginning to end.  They were good to this average-sized woman.  They even called her one of them.  And all she could do was make fun.


I won’t go into too much detail about the film’s ending.  It is a classic that I suggest you go into knowing as little as possible.  Just know that it is original.  One of the most original movie endings we’ve ever seen.  The movie is realistic, the script is amazing and the cast is fantastic.  It’s totally rewatchable.  We own it and suggest you do the same.  Especially if you can see it no other way.

It comes with a nice little “fuck you” sort of message.  Don’t mess with mine and I won’t destroy yours.  Haha.  Beyond being a good horror movie, it’s just a fantastic movie in general.

Our score: 100.  Yes, that’s right, we can’t find a flaw.  If you can, get back to us.



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