Fear Inc. (2016)

Directed by Vincent Masciale.  Written by Luke Barnett.  Starring Lucas Neff, Caitlin Stasey, Chris Marquette, Abigail Breslin, Mark Moses, Naomi Grossman, Patrick Renna, Richard Riehle and Leslie Jordan.

Plot: a horror junkie signs up with a company that brings your true fears to life


I am a horror junkie.  My brother is a horror junkie.  We’re proud of it.  There are plenty of things in the world that scare us and sometimes it’s fun to be surrounded by such things.  Whether it be watching a movie in a dark theater or going to a haunted house, things can creep us out.  But what if those things stopped creeping us out?  How far would we go to be scared?  Well, the short answer is, not as far as the jackass in this movie.

A slacker (Neff) decides that he’s tired of the same old scares and wants to be truly terrified, so when someone hands him a card and says they’ll bring his fears to life, he’s aching to call.  Right away though, his friends warn him against this, claiming that they know someone who’s been hurt this way.  He says he won’t call and then does anyway.  The scares start pretty quickly after that.


Now, we have to start by telling you this slacker isn’t real likable.  He’s got a girlfriend that’s too good for him, some semi-responsible friends around him and he’s too busy doing every drug in the book to listen to them for a change.  The premise is an interesting one, but since we weren’t rooting for this guy, it sort of fell flat.  Plus, it was all very repetitive.  There’s a lot of cat and mouse where the mouse runs, cat catches it, kills it, continues on to the next mouse.  For a real scary experience I think you’d have to bring Pennywise to life for me or something more than a masked intruder.  That’s just been done to death you know?

Anywho, there’s a good cast, it’s original and the effects are gore-tastic.  But there’s no boobs and absolutely no Freddy Claws, so that brings it down.  On top of that, the ending leaves a lot to be desired.  It technically ends badly with the slacker having no real way to win the night.  And since I’ve already told you this much, let’s just put the spoiler warning up and give up the whole thing.

******SPOILERS AHEAD******




Turns out, the guy’s friends were in on the whole thing from the jump.  But that doesn’t matter in the end.  The people that bring your fear to life have to kill you in the end or your fear really isn’t complete.  Or some such nonsense as that.  We didn’t like it.  DJ doesn’t recommend it at all.  I say, if you’re going to watch it go ahead, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

DJ’s score: 38.  My score: 44.


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