No Man’s Land: Rise of the Reeker (2008)

Written and directed by Dave Payne.  Starring Lew Temple, Valerie Cruz, Desmond Askew, Stephen Martines, Robert Pine, Mircea Monroe and Michael Muhney.

Plot: a group of people stranded at a rest stop are stalked by the Reeker


This movie is just a rehash really of the original Reeker (2005).  People get stuck and people get hunted.  We’ve seen it before.  And the only real changes in this one, were bad.  We only really liked the doctor.  Everyone else… blah.  There’s no Freddy Claws.  The acting isn’t as good as the first film.  And the ending fucking sucks.  And sort of makes no sense.

But there are some cool kills in this.  And as usual, the effects were nice.  I can’t give it as high a score as I gave the first movie, but I can still recommend the watch.

DJ’s score: 53.  My score: 65.

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