Lights Out (2016)

Directed by David F. Sandberg.  Written by Sandberg and Eric Heisserer.  Starring Teresa Palmer, Gabriel Bateman, Maria Bello, Alexander DiPersia and Billy Burke.

Plot: a young woman faces a supernatural being preying on her and her little brother


Let me start by saying that this movie is NOT right!  And by not right I mean totally right because it’s totally wrong.  We were scared.  Sandberg has quite the mind on him.  This movie was based on his short movie of the same name which you have to see if you haven’t.  It’s so disturbing.  I screamed out loud and DJ says he would’ve just killed himself.  It’s that good/bad.

Although the supernatural being ended up being scarier “in the flesh” and in the short, she was quite terrifying in this, too.  There’s a likable cast (DJ just wishes Teresa had been more likable in the actual movie).  There’s impressive specials.  There’s good Freddy Claws.  And great direction.  Also, it managed to combine horror and drama quite nicely.  So, of course, we recommend.  It’s something we loved and that we’d own.

Our score: 83.

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