Carnival of Souls (1962)

Directed by Herk Harvey.  Written by John Clifford.  Starring Candace Hilligoss, Francis Feist, Sidney Berger, Art Ellison and Herk Harvey.

Plot: a woman gets into a car accident and starts having visions of a really creepy man


It took me and DJ a second viewing before we really really liked this movie.  At first we didn’t understand the hubbub, but we do now.  And hopefully you will, too.

In the movie, we follow Mary Henry as she has a car accident, survives and then tries to move on with her life.  But that won’t be so easy because she starts seeing this pasty, ghostly man everywhere and he’s starting to freak her out.

There’s a lot good about this movie.  The acting is cool – the lady who runs the boarding house Mary stays at is hilarious.  And the end was really cool.  The only bad thing is that it could have been shorter.  There was a Twilight Zone episode just like this one (only not as scary) and it was done in 30 minutes.  This movie was just a little drawn out in parts, but we still like it.

Our score: 69.


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