Die (2010)

Written by Domenico Salvaggo and Nick Mead

Directed by Dominic James

Starring, Emily Hampshire, John Pyper Ferguson and Stephen McHattie

Plot: Six people are kidnapped, put into glass boxes and then put through trials by a crazy man who wants to save them.


The 6 people are a charitable billionaire, a gambler, a nurse, a cop, a teenage addict and a depressed psychiatrist whose patient died when she was over prescribed. All the people are quite nice to each other and cooperative, so the movie has good Freddy claws.

He has disciples, people he has saved, sort of like Jigsaw but on a grander scale.

This is more of a thriller than a straight up horror movie which i don’t usually like but i really liked this one, more so than Tara, so much more that it seemed like we watched a different movie. I dug the twisted message.

Tara didn’t like it with a 31/100 but I nearly loved it with a 73/100.

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