Children of the Night (1991)

Written by Nicholas Falacci, Tony Randel, William Hopkins and Christopher Webster

Directed by Tony Randel

Starring Karen Black and Peter DeLuise

Plot: a teacher helps a teen girl take on a town full of vampires


Lucy is hot for teacher and so was Tara, she always had a thing for Doug Penhall. I dug Lucy, definitely cute. We also love the old, drunk, black guy.

This movie was funny and had likable characters, even the cop. Followed good vampire rules. Good acting by a good cast. Good script. Good Freddy Claws, story, ending and was fun to watch.

I almost never like vampire movies but this and Nosferatu are on point! Parts of this were nasty to a Hellraiser degree which i think is a good thing.

Bottom line we both highly recommend this movie, Tara gave it an 86/100 and me an 89/100. Watch it!!!

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