Death Valley (1982)

Directed by Dick Richards.  Written by Richard Rothstein.  Starring Catherine Hicks, Wilford Brimley, Edward Herrmann, Peter Billingsley, Stephen McHattie and Paul Le Mat.

Plot: a little boy on vacation with his mother runs afoul of a serial killer


So, Catherine Hicks, her new beau, Paul Le Mat, and her son, Peter Billingsley, go on a road trip.  While driving across the country, the curious little boy bugger picks up something he shouldn’t and that’s it.  Serial killer after them all.

The effects could have been better.  His mother could have actually been of some use.  And what is it with this little Billingsley kid and guns?  Just say, no, my man.  Seriously though, aside from it’s flaws, we would totally own this.  It’s a tense little movie.  You genuinely want the best for young Billy.

The protagonists are likable, even the step-father.  The cast was good, the Freddy Claws was even decent, and there were boob shots, too!  And the ending was a positive one.  We like that.

My score: 78.  DJ’s score: 70.

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