Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers (1988)

Written by Danny Lipsius, Larry Rattner, Benjamin Ruffner and Alan B. McElroy

Directed by Dwight H. Little

Starring Danielle Harris, Donald Pleasance and Ellie Cornell

Plot: Michael returns a decade later to kill his young niece


This one has some issues but Danielle is adorable and Ellie is hot so i overlooked some. Also the Pleas is awesome. People don’t hear other people who are in very close proximity dying. This one also has bad continuity and while innovative it was unrealistic. I did like where they went with the story but Tara always wanted Laurie back.

Great effects, they only use the music when something is happening, rewatchable, funny in parts but Michael isn’t that scary at all. Bottom line we both enjoyed this one for what it is and Tara gave it a 67/100 and I a 73/100.

look at this face!!!


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