Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

Directed by Joe Chappelle.  Written by Daniel Farrands.  Starring Donald Pleasance, Paul Rudd, Marianne Hagan, Devin Gardner and George P. Wilbur.

Plot: Jaime is pregnant and then killed shortly after giving birth – Tommy Doyle finds the baby and decides to protect him


This is one of the most complicated Michael Myers movie.  Probably because it makes no real sense.  Apparently, back when Michael was taken from the police station in the 80’s, Jamie was, too.  And she was held and impregnated by a cult.  After she has her baby, a boy, she flees their confinement with the help of a nurse, who is later killed by Michael.  Then, Michael goes after Jamie and it’s on.

Michael finds her and he kills her, but he can’t find her son.  Before she dies, she says something like “you’ll never have him”, meaning the baby of course.  And Michael’s pissed.  Now, I should mention that Jamie called a radio station before she died to warn everyone in Haddonfield that Michael was coming back.  No one believes her, but Tommy Doyle, the same little boy that Laurie Strode babysat all those years ago.  He’s obsessed with the whole Michael case now, so he goes to find Jaime and finds the baby instead and decides to name him – Steven – and keep him to protect him from Michael.

Enter Loomis finally, and now you have a movie.  A strange movie about Loomis and Tommy trying to protect baby Steven from Michael and the cult and the strange man in black, who we sort of saw in the last movie.


There are a lot of homages to the other movies in this one that would have been cool if the movie itself made more sense.  Michael’s not a great Michael in this one either.  Sorry, but he’s got a really tiny waist and great big shoulders and long, freaky arms.  The main girl in the movie talks about how good of a mother she is, but she never knows where her kid is.  Paul Rudd is frickin’ crazy and hysterical.  Was he told to overact that badly?  Honestly, the whole movie shit the Michael Myers bed.  It was mediocre at best.

My score: 44.  DJ’s score: 37.

“You. Are. A Madman”

2 thoughts on “Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

  1. I’m ok with this movie. It tries to expand on the mythos and go new directions like Jason Goes to Hell. I always award points for effort. The normal version doesn’t make total sense, whereas the “Producer’s Cut” ends abruptly and unsatisfactorily. I’ve never understood why in the normal version Myers leaks green goo from his eyes. There was an article on Cracked this October that argued that Myers was actually one of the robots from Season of the Witch. Something to think about.

    I love how Loomis pronounces the quote you provided. “Madmin.”

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    1. Interesting theory about the green goo. I haven’t heard that one before. And personally, I love the way Loomis pronounces most things. We feel he’s the best part of the Halloween movies.


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