Channel Zero: Candle Cove (2016)

Directed by Craig William Macneill.  Written by Nick Antosca, Don Mancini, Harley Peyton, Erica Saleh, Katie Gruel and Mallory Westfall.  Based on a story by Kris Straub.  Starring Paul Schneider, Fiona Shaw, Natalie Brown, Luisa d’Oliveira, Shaun Benson, Luca Villacis, Abigail Pniowsky and Marina Stephenson Kerr.

Plot: a child psychologist, whose brother went missing when they were kids, comes back to his hometown after a series of nightmares


This was the first season of Channel Zero and I’m hoping that they get better.  Right now, we’re watching Season Two and hopefully it’s better.  Anywho, Candle Cove started out well.  It was creepy.  The cast was incredible.  And the story seemed nice enough, which I’ll tell you about now.

Mike (Schneider) comes home after a psychotic break and some bad dreams.  He goes to see his mother and his old friends, but his friends turn on him once one of their daughters goes missing.  Mike decides to leave town again, but he is called by his deceased twin brother who tells him he cant leave yet.  Meanwhile, there’s this creepy children’s show called Candle Cove that comes onto the television at crazy times, seemingly every time a child disappears.

As I watched more of it, the “tooth monster” was pretty creepy, but nothing else about it was.  Immediately after the 2nd episode I felt it start to drag.  It was hard just getting through it.  I wasn’t having a fun time.  I wasn’t sure why certain things were happening.  I hated that certain people were dying.  And I really hated when the creepy little kids were like, “You wouldn’t shoot us, we’re kids.”  Fuck that.  I would’ve shot them each twice.


So, I felt like it wasn’t going to end well even before it didn’t end well.  Sometimes you can just feel a sucky ending coming.  Overall, the tooth monster was disgusting, only one part really scared me and the ending disappointed.  I think it could’ve used some more innovation in the death department and a different set of rules altogether.  I didn’t always like the direction either.  The slow pans were annoying.

I watched it without DJ because he’s a little hesitant when it comes to horror television (aside from anthology type Twilight Zone series).  Although, so far he is enjoying the second series, so we will see.  LOL

My score: 35.  I don’t recommend this first season.

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