Ruin Me (2017)

Directed by Preston DeFrancis.  Written by DeFrancis and Trysta A. Bisett.  Starring Marcienne Dwyer, Matt Dellapina, Eva Hamilton, Chris Hill, John Odom, Rocky Rector, Cameron Gordon and Sam Ashdown.

Plot: Alex reluctantly goes on the ultimate horror movie experience, not realizing the group is in real danger

First of all, me and DJ would never do this because unlike a lot of people, we freely admit that some things scare the hell out of us and we just don’t need that in our lives.  Haha.  Second of all, if we did go by some miracle, the minute the dude said that we had to give up our cell phones and that we can be shoved, but can’t shove back, we would’ve been out of there.  With that being said, onto the deeper plot.

6 people meet up at a desolate gas station.  They are 2 couples (Nathan and Alex, Pitch and Marina) and 2 males (Larry and Tim).  From there they are “abducted” and brought to the woods where they have to hike to a campsite.  During the night however, this crazy old dude (a huge horror cliche) tells them that they all need to leave before “they” come.  Of course, no one decides to leave. And from there, things get really bad.  Starting with one person being killed and then another and another and so on.  

Another important aspect is that Alex, the survivor girl is an addict and like, just got out of rehab not too long ago.  So, she’s hella fragile as it is and all her boyfriend does is say, “Have you taken your pills today?”  Being bipolar myself, I’d punch him in the face if he didn’t believe me about what I’d seen and just wanted to blame my disorder.  

Before the movie ending, me and DJ ended up completely lost.  By the very end though, we found out that the confusion was intentional.  But we weren’t impressed.  The “twist” really needed some work.  It was an interesting concept it just wasn’t executed properly.  And there were no rules at all, which we hate.  

Good news: the acting was impressive and there was a completely gratuitous boob shot.  But these things weren’t enough to save the movie or it’s pathetic ending.  

Our score: 38.

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