Five Girls (2006)

Written and directed by Warren P. Sonoda.  Starring Ron Perlman, Jordan Madley, Terra Vnesa, Barbara Mamabolo, Jennifer Miller and Krysta Carter.

Plot: 5 impressively beautiful girls are put into a reform school where the head mistress is evil and there’s a ghost running around the halls


5 troubled girls are taken to the boarding school even though a mysterious death occurred there 5 years before.  Strange stuff starts happening right away, of course.  And suddenly the girls have these powers they never knew they had before.  And they have to use those powers to fight the presence in the halls.

At least that’s what we got.  The plot is pretty terrible and sort of confusing and the girl’s acting doesn’t help anything.  They did seem to get better though as the movie went on.  It was almost like they were taking acting classes while making the movie.

Ron Perlman was really good as always, but so not enough to save this movie.  It was just so weak.

Our score: 39.

“She broke my healing hand!”

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