Sometimes They Come Back (1991)

Directed by Tom McLoughlin.  Written by Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal, based on a short story by Stephen King.  Starring Tim Matheson, Robert Russler, Brooke Adams, Michael Gross, Nicholas Sadler, Robert Hy Gorman and Chris Demetral.

Plot: a man and his family are harassed by teenagers that died when he was a kid


Jim Norman (Matheson) is an average family man with a tragic past.  His brother was killed by 3 “greasers” when he was a kid and he was lucky to get away with his own life.  Now, almost 20 years later, Jim takes a job working in his hometown as a high school teacher.  Everything’s fine until 3 of his students die tragically and 3 new students take their place.  3 students he recognizes as the greasers who killed his brother.  Only, in 20 years they haven’t aged at all.  As it turns out, they’re dead.  They were in a car accident right after they killed Jim’s brother.

******SPOILER ALERT******




If you go into this looking to see chapter and verse of King’s short story, you will be disappointed.  It doesn’t end the same way at all.  In the story, Jim’s wife is killed by the greasers, so Jim conjures a demon that takes the shape of his brother and drags the greasers to hell.  In the movie, Jim’s wife lives and there’s a nice, teary ending where Jim defeats the greasers with the help of his non-demon brother and then gets to say a sweet goodbye to him.  It’s actually really fucking sad and I prefer this ending to the short story’s ending, but that’s just me.

For a television movie, this was pretty well done.  There was a splendid cast, memorable effects (their “demon” faces have stayed with me since I was a kid) and terrific direction from McLoughlin, who just happens to have written and directed my favorite Friday the 13th movie.  We really liked this and we really recommend it.

DJ’s score: 59.  My score: 70.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes They Come Back (1991)

  1. I used to love the first sequel, Sometimes They Come Back… Again, as a kid. Not sure why. It’s fun, I guess. The cover of the second sequel, Sometimes They Come Back… For More, always stood out to me at the video store. Boring movie, though.

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