The Apparition (2012)

Written and directed by Todd Lincoln.  Starring Ashley Greene, Sebastian Stan, Tom Felton, Julianna Guill and Rick Gomez.

Plot: a couple is haunted by a malevolent spirit


In 1973, six people conducted an experiment called “The Charles Experiment” hoping to summon the spirit of a deceased man.  It didn’t go well.  Years and years later, four college students attempt to recreate the experiment, but something attacks them.  One of these students is Sebastian Stan and a while later, while he’s living with Ashley Greene, weird things start to happen in their home.  Doors start opening and closing by themselves and their neighbor’s dog even dies after entering their house.  (Points off!)

When Ashley finds out that Sebastian was part of the experiment she’s rightly angry.  She demands that they go to a hotel, but the spirit follows them there.  Apparently, they can’t get away.  Not even Ashley can get away from it and she had nothing to do with the experiment which we don’t think is fair.

The cast was perfect, we just don’t know why they agreed to do this movie.  They all must have needed a paycheck very badly.  There were no rules.  If you let it out, it went after you and apparently everyone around you.  And won.  The end.  Stupid.  It was also rather confusing and brought nothing new to the seance/spirit table.  We can’t in all good conscience recommend it.

Our score: 32.

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