The Child Eater (2016)

Written and directed by Erlingur Thoroddsen.  Starring Cait Bliss, Colin Critchley and Dave Klasko.

Plot: a boy and his babysitter come to the horrifying realization that the boogeyman is real


Helen (Bliss) comes to babysit a little boy, Lucas (Critchley), who lives at a farm where some kids died years earlier.  Of course, her boyfriend, Tom (Klasko), shows up, but they’re interrupted quickly by little Lucas’s claim that the boogeyman is in his closet.  And then Lucas goes missing and the movie gets really… confusing.

Helen calls the police and they take her to the hospital for some reason.  There’s no Freddy Claws there and the police force is crazy.  An old woman that had survived the boogeyman before keeps running around knocking people over the head for no good reason.  The boogeyman has several chances to eat the little boy, but doesn’t.  Instead he just keeps taking various characters eyes.

It’s so strange and there are so many holes.  The child eater didn’t actually eat any children the entire movie.  The effects were okay though and DJ liked the music.  Also, there’s a pretty creepy  post credits scene, but it wasn’t enough for us to recommend this.  We just didn’t like it at all.

Our score: 30.

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