Holidays (2016)

This anthology film centers around 8 major holidays.  It stars Seth Green, Harley Quinn Smith, Clare Grant, Michael Gross, Mark Steger  and Scott Stewart.

******SPOILERS AHEAD******




Let’s deal with the worst of the anthology first: St. Patty’s Day.  It was pointless.  Gross and just bad.  A cursed woman gives birth to a snake.  It was weird for no reason.  We would’ve turned it off if it had been it’s own movie, but because it was part of an anthology we watched the whole thing.

Writer/director Kevin Smith did the Halloween story, which was also pointless.  We love Kevin Smith.  I was blessed enough to meet him once when he made a movie in our hometown, but I gotta say, I’m not a huge fan of his horror.  Love his comedies, hate his horrors.  Sorry.

DJ thinks that Mother’s Day was some anti-abortion bullshit.  He didn’t like it.  In the story a woman gives birth to a baby she doesn’t want.  I was disappointed, but DJ down right hated it.  I’d really like to talk to the writer, Sarah Adina Smith, to see what she meant by all of it.


Father’s Day could have been good.  A girl gets a message from her long dead father.  She was a good actress and it was original, but you just have no idea what’s going on.  We didn’t like it.

Now, DJ really liked the New Year’s Eve story.  I didn’t.  It was about 2 serial killers going after their next victims.  I saw the twist coming and think it’s been done before and better.  DJ thought there was nice innovation.  It did have good effects and lovely direction, but I think it was too predictable.

Now onto stories we both liked, starting with Easter.  A girl wakes up to see the Easter bunny is more than she ever imagined.  And she should’ve just gone back to sleep after that.  Hell, me and DJ may have left the house altogether.  Jesus Bunny was freaky looking.  It was impressively original and there was at least one good jump scare which I live for.


In the Christmas story, a good cast (including Seth Green) presents an original story about a man that gets a dog that tells you your demons.  He ends up finding out some interesting things about his wife and himself.  It was cool.  We dug it.  But one story was better.

Valentine’s Day, the first story you see, is actually the best one.  A girl gives her coach a new heart that she got from one of her peers.  Why?  Because she loved her coach and those bitches pushed her too far.  It was a good motive and the young girl was spot on with her acting.

Altogether, we didn’t like the movie much, but if you want to watch a holiday movie in December, this is a good Christmas one.

Our score: 40.

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