Silent Night, Deadly Night 3: Better Watch Out! (1989)

Directed by Monte Hellman.  Written by Hellman, Rex Weiner and Arthur Gorson.  Starring Samantha Scully, Bill Moseley, Eric DaRe, Laura Harring, Richard Beymer, Elizabeth Hoffman and Robert Culp.

Plot: the comatose Ricky wakes up and begins to stalk a blind girl with whom he shares a psychic bond


Obviously Bill Moseley’s worst horror movie.  This movie is about a crazy doctor (Beymer), who hooks the comatose brain of Ricky to the sleeping mind of a young woman (Scully) because why?  Well, that part kinda doesn’t make sense.  It’s stupid.  Plus, Ricky’s brain is exposed and there’s this glass contraption on his head covering his brain with liquid (because that’s preserving it, I guess).  It’s stupid.  So many things are stupid.

Ricky wakes up from his coma and starts to kill again.  Indiscriminately.  And he goes after Laura right away, even hitchhiking to get to her.  Yes, someone does let him into their car even though his brain is showing.  It’s stupid.  And Laura is such a bitch, she’s impossible to root for.  She’s so mean to her brother’s girlfriend (Harring).  Also, Samantha Scully is not the best actress, so watching her run around, screaming, pretending to be blind is just painful.  Oh, and she’s apparently psychic and everyone knows this and it’s the reason the crazy doctor picked her in the first place.  You know, that old chestnut.

******SPOILERS AHEAD******




The story gets even more ridiculous after that.  Somehow, Ricky gets to Laura’s grandmother’s house before she does and kills her.  Then, he waits and attacks Laura, her brother, and her brother’s girl once they get there.  He kills the brother and the girlfriend.  But, oh no, wait, the brother isn’t dead yet.  Yay!  Oh, no, wait, now he’s dead.  Boo!  And a gunshot to the chest doesn’t kill Ricky, but a broom handle does.  Whatever!

It was so bad it was kinda funny.  So if you decide to watch it, know this, but we can’t recommend that you don’t spend your time watching something much better.

My score: 25.  DJ’s score: 15.

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