Pooka (2018)

Directed by Nacho Vigalondo.  Written by Gerald Olson.  Starring Nyasha Hatendi, Jon Daly, Latarsha Rose, Dale Dickey and Jonny Berryman.

Plot: a struggling actor takes a seasonal job as a mascot for the hottest new toy, Pooka, but after putting on the costume he develops two separate personalities


Let us start by saying that this is not a movie for just anybody.  It’s not even a movie for just any horror fan.  It’s more a cautionary tale in the form of a dark comedy.  And there’s so much crazy going on that it’s very hard to follow, but the end of the movie does clear everything up.  It’s just completely messed up is all.

In the beginning, it’s simply about a struggling actor, Wilson (Hatendi), who takes the job as a mascot because of the amount of money involved.  He makes friends with a new neighbor, Red (Dickey), and develops feelings for a real estate agent named Melanie (Rose).  He soon begins dating her and is introduced to her son, Ty (Berryman).  But then things get crazy.

It’s very original.  There’s awesome effects.  And it’s really realistic when you get down to it.  We recommend.  Just know that it is not your typical horror movie.

My score: 49.  DJ’s score: 57.

“Look at all the pretty lights.”

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