From A Whisper to A Scream (AKA The Offspring) (1987)

Directed by Jeff Burr.  Written by Burr, Darin Scott and C. Courtney Joyner.  Starring Vincent Price, Clu Gulager, Terry Kiser, Harry Caesar, Rosalind Cash, Cameron Mitchell, Susan Tyrell, Martine Boswick and Ron Brooks.

Plot: in a small Tennessee town, a librarian relates four horror stories about the town to a reporter with a secret of her own


The first story is about an older man trying to date a much younger co-worker, but when she refuses his advances he kills her.  He even has sex with her corpse.  It’s fantastically original.  DJ saw the quite memorable ending coming, but was still a little shocked.  It was unrealistic and unpleasant, but we liked this one.


The second story revolves around a greedy man on the run from gangsters he crossed.  They shoot him and he ends up in the swamp where a kindly, old black man finds him and cures him.  When the greedy man finds out that the black man holds the key to eternal life, he wants it for himself and will do anything to get it.  Once again, the ending was quite memorable.  And we really liked the story.


The third story is weird and totally unfair.  It’s about a carny who falls for a “regular” woman.  However, the head carny won’t let them be together and she will go to all ends to stop it.  Which is the unfair part.  The story was terrible.  It was a horrible motive and we’re certainly not rewatching this one.


The final story is a little like Children of the Corn minus the religion.  A group of Union soldiers kill another group of soldiers, then they’re kidnapped by a group of children.  It was kinda nonsensical.  No one was likable.  There were no rules.  It was an awful story with an awful script.  We wouldn’t watch this one again either.


Altogether, it was a crap shoot.  We didn’t really like the movie as a whole.  But maybe if you turn it off after the first two stories, you’ll be fine.

Our score: 40.

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