Creature (AKA The Titan Find) (1985)

Directed by William Malone.  Written by Malone and Alan Reed.  Starring Stan Iver, Wendy Schaal, Lyman Ward, Robert Jaffe, Diane Salinger and Annette McCarthy.

Plot: an alien stalks German and US spaceships on Titan, Saturn’s biggest moon


Two scientists arrive on Titan and decide to open this thing they find even though one of them says what a terrible idea it is.  They’re apparently German, but they have no accents.  Then, they both die.  Fast forward a bit and the US spaceship arrives and the creature that escaped and killed the Germans starts to kill the Americans, too.

The movie was sort of interesting, but it’s been done like 904 other times.  And we follow Beth around knowing that no matter how many times she finds herself in peril, she will make it out alive.  It followed a constructive set of rules, but the dialogue was corny, the specials were weak and we weren’t all that impressed with the acting.  There were boob shots though, so there’s that.  But all in all, the movie was less than okay.

We recommend only for the hardcore genre fans of horror/sci-fi.  For anyone else, it is not necessary to see.

Our score: 44.

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