Uninvited (1988)

Written and directed by Greydon Clark.  Starring George Kennedy, Rob Estes, Alex Cord, Toni Hudson, Clare Carey, Eric Larson, Beau Dremann, Shari Shattuck and Clu Gulager.

Plot: an infected lab cat with a demon living inside it’s mouth finds it’s way onto the yacht of a criminal kingpin and begins to kill


DJ says the demon inside the cat’s mouth looks like a lion, a monkey or a baboon depending on the shot and it always sounds like a pig and he’s not sure why.  But anyway, here’s the fascinating story.  The movie starts with the cat escaping the lab.  Why it has a demon in it’s mouth you never learn, but it kills a lot of people on it’s way out.  Then, two spring-breaking girls find the cat, think it’s cute and bring it onto the yacht they were invited onto by some creepy rich criminal.  They’ve also invited some guy friends to come along and the criminal only agrees to it because he doesn’t have a crew for the yacht and needs them to cook and clean and shit.  It’s so dumb.

******SPOILERS AHEAD******




Clu Gulager is only in it for about 15 minutes.  And the two that you want to survive do, as they should.  But then again, so does the demonized cat.  It was an original premise, but did we ever really need to see it?  I mean, we could’ve gone our whole lives without seeing a demon come out of a cat’s mouth, kill someone and then crawl back inside.  Also, the acting is good, but a little too dramatic at times.  But what do you expect from Rob Estes and his hair (which should have had a whole movie onto itself).

The soundtrack is hilarious and very up and down.  There’s no boobs when there clearly could have been on more than one occasion.  And we had to give it low, low motive points because you never find out the demon’s origin story.  So, while it was fun sometimes, it was mostly mediocre.  Watch at your own risk.

My score: 53.  DJ’s score: 41.

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