Brainscan (1994)

Directed by John Flynn.  Written by Brian Owens and Andrew Kevin Walker.  Starring Edward Furlong, Frank Langella, T. Ryder Smith, Amy Hargreaves and Jamie Marsh.

Plot: a teenager takes part in a violent, interactive video game that turns out to be real


Michael (Furlong) is not your typical teenager.  He’s sort of a computer whiz and president of his school’s Horror Club and also, he’s the voyeur of his next door neighbor, Kimberly.  He reads about a new “killer” video game in Fangoria magazine and orders it.  When it comes, he’s beyond excited and plays almost right away.  Inside the game, he kills a man.  He thinks it was just a cheap thrill until he finds out that the murder happened in the real world, too.  Then, The Trickster (Smith) comes and everything really turns to crap.

Me and DJ wouldn’t have played a game like that.  I don’t even like playing the video games where I have to rob people, so I know I couldn’t kill someone innocent.  So, the motive sucked a bit, since technically it was him doing the killing.  And there were no boobs when they’re clearly could have been.  Amy Hargreaves did get all kinds of naked years later in the very riveting Shame, so….


Good news though, the movie was funny in parts, mostly because of Kyle (Marsh), the best friend.  Also it’s highly rewatchable for me, but not for DJ.  Oh well.  And lastly, the cast is genius.  There’s a lot of good players here, even DJ can’t deny that.  And who doesn’t already know that Edward Furlong is the love of my life thus far?

I highly recommend it.  DJ only slightly.  My score: 64.  DJ’s score: 43.


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