Cry Wolf (2005)

Directed by Jeff Wadlow.  Written by Wadlow and Beau Bauman.  Starring Lindy Booth, Paul James, Jared Padalecki, Sandra McCoy, Kristy Wu, Julien Morris, Jesse Janzen, Gary Cole, Ethan Cohn, Anna Deavere Smith and Jon Bon Jovi.

Plot: eight high school seniors with nothing better to do, create a ruse involving a serial killer known only as “The Wolf”, but when the game becomes real, no one believes them


So, eight snooty rich kids play this stupid game where they have to lie to each other while trying to find out who the real “wolf” is.  The group does other fucked up stuff to each other, too, and when they start dying off, they don’t even trust each other anymore.

******SPOILER ALERT******



NO ONE REALLY DIES!!  It was all just a set up to fuck with the new kid.  Only Owen, the new kid, does actually take out the teacher, believing the death is real and that he is the perpatrator.  But it turns out that it’s just little Dodger (Booth) that set the whole thing up.  She even hoped he’d kill the teacher.  And of course, because it’s a movie made after 2000, she gets away with it.


Lindy Booth talks like she’s in a porn movie the whole time.  DJ was bored because he had predicted most of it from the start.  And I was disappointed that he turned out to be right.  It was poorly written.  It’s been done before and better.  Horrible motive (pure jealousy), crappy rules, NO Freddy Claws at all and a ridiculous story to boot.

The only things really wonderful about the movie was the cast and the effects.  The rest was ludicrous.  We hated it.

My score: 18.  DJ’s score: 13.

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