The Last Showing (2014)

Written and directed by Phil Hawkins.  Starring Robert Englund, Finn Jones, Emily Berrington and Malachi Kirby.

Plot: a couple, trapped in a cinema, are manipulated into becoming unwilling participants in a madman’s horror movie


Martin (Jones) and Allie (Berrington) go to a midnight showing of The Hills Have Eyes 2.  Once there, they are locked inside without their knowledge by Stuart (Englund), a disgruntled former employee.  When the movie suddenly stops, Martin and Allie leave the theater, but find that they are trapped within the multiplex.

After that, all hell breaks out as per usual.  But the hell is stupid.  It’s not fun.  You know what, let me just tell you about it.

******SPOILER ALERT******




First, Stuart drugs Allie and fucks with her clothes, so that when she wakes up she believes she’s been raped.  And Stuart causes Martin to kill the manager of the theater, making Allie suspicious of him.  So, when Stuart comes and tells her that it was Martin that drugged her, she believes him.  How you could believe someone you’ve just met over your own boyfriend, I don’t know.  But she does because she’s one of the most amazingly stupid characters I’ve ever seen in a horror movie.

Of course, the end sucks, too.  Things happen that the police should take sight of, but they don’t because they’re stupid, too.  So, when they come, they end up killing Martin.  And Stuart gets away with everything.  Fucking bullshit.  There was no Freddy Claws, it was unrealistic, the motive sucked and there were no rules.  We’re walking out if someone turns this on again, I don’t care how cute Finn Jones is.

Our score: 19.

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