Jessabelle (2014)

Directed by Kevin Greutert.  Written by Robert Ben Garant.  Starring Sarah Snook, Mark Webber, David Andrews, Amber Stevens West, Larisa Oleynik and Joelle Carter.

Plot: Jessabelle (Snook) goes to her childhood home to recuperate after a terrible accident kills her fiance and her unborn baby


After her their car is hit by a truck and her fiance dies, Jessabelle finds out she’s lost the baby she was carrying and now is confined to a wheelchair for the foreseeable future.  Two months later, she moves in with her estranged father (Andrews) and starts sleeping in her mother’s bedroom.  Her mother who died shortly after giving birth to Jessebelle.  Inside her mother’s room she finds videotapes of her mother doing tarot that seem to be made for her, but her father tells her not to view them.  He even goes so far as to try to burn them, but he is burned instead, dying from his wounds.  At the funeral, she is reunited with a former flame (Webber) and it feels so good.  Also, during this time, she is being haunted by a woman with black hair, but that’s almost a side note although later it becomes very important.

We watched this during a wicked thunderstorm which made it hella creepy, but it’s still more of a mystery than a straight horror and we all know how DJ feels about those.  He was so not impressed with anything except the acting/casting choices and honestly, it seems most critics agree with him.  However, I really liked the film.  Even though DJ said there were enormous holes in the plot, I didn’t agree and really liked the story.  It was a shame about the ending though.


So, I guess I recommend a viewing, but DJ does not.

My score: 62.  DJ’s score: 27.

PS – Scruffy Mark Webber is kinda hot.  So, ya know, there’s that.

“She says ten things that was wrong and you pick the one that’s half right.”

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