Summer of 84 (2018)

Directed by Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell.  Written by Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith.  Starring Graham Verchere, Judah Lewis, Caleb Emery, Cory Gruter-Andrew, Tiera Skovbye, Rich Sommer, Shauna Johannesen and Jason Gray-Stanford.

Plot: after suspecting that a police officer in their very own neighborhood is a serial killer, four boys set out to prove it, but things get dangerous


I’m starting this review like I’ve started no other: DJ and I would like to hurt Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith.  I’m going to ruin the heck out of this movie for you because I don’t see just how else to explain why we want to hurt them so much if I don’t.  I’ll start by giving you a basic rundown.

Davey (Verchere) is a bit of a conspiracy-theorist.  He finds out there’s a serial killer in the general area and begins to suspect the cop across the street.  So, he gets three of his friends involved in spying on him.  Nikki (Skovbye), the girl of his dreams, tells him to stop because she doesn’t want him to get hurt.  Does he listen?  No.  And she ends up sucked into his spying, too.  And now I will tell you the rest….

******SPOILER ALERT******




Davey and his crew find “evidence” of the murders and they tell Davey’s parents.  Only the parents think that the evidence isn’t really evidence at all (it’s just like a torn kid’s shirt with blood on it).  So, they make Davey go to Mackey, the cop (Sommer) and apologize for spying on him and Mackey comes up with some story about his nephew helping him around the house and getting caught on a nail or something.  Now, bear in mind, whoever says you don’t know Mackey is the killer the whole fucking time is lying to themselves and to you, because it’s pretty damned obvious if you ask us.  Dude’s a creeper.  But I digress.

After that, Davey still believes it was Mackey and asks his friends for even more help to prove it.  Well, the only one’s that stick by him are Woody (Emery) and Nikki, so there goes Freddy Claws points.  Anyway, the three of them break into Mackey’s house while he’s at this festival for the town and they end up finding a really decomposed body and a the most recent missing boy all tied up.  They call the cops, the cops come and they go on a manhunt for Mackey.  But, of course, the movie doesn’t end there because they can’t find Mackey.  And you know where Mackey fucking is??  Davey’s attic!

So, Mackey comes down in the middle of the night and knocks out Davey and Woody, who was sleeping over, and takes them to the woods.  He yells at them, from a distance, and tells them they’re gonna play a game.  A game of cat-and-mouse.  A game that he wins in the end.  He ends up slicing Woody’s neck.  Woody, a kid with a single mom, who now has to be told that her son died horribly.  And instead of killing Davey, Mackey leaves him alone, telling him that he’ll find him one day and that he’ll have to look over his shoulder every day until then.  WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT TO TELL A LITTLE KID??


The message: trust no one.  What is this, The X-Files?  That’s a shitty message for a movie that was essential The Goonies meets Disturbia, but with an ending that shit the bed.  DJ just kept saying “Fuck this movie!” every 30 seconds after Woody got killed.  And it wasn’t shocking either.  I mean, it’s a trend now for main characters to be killed.  We hate this trend, but it’s a trend.  So, as I said before, fuck the writers!  We are walking out of the room if someone turns this on around us.

The only things good about it were the acting, the casting and the specials.  For that we gave it a 14/100.  We don’t recommend.

“Every serial killer lives next door to someone.”

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