The Terror Within (1989)

Directed by Thierry Notz. Written by Thomas McKelvey Cleaver. Starring George Kennedy, Andrew Stevens, Starr Andreeff, John Lafayette and Tommy Hinkley.

Plot: in a post-apocalyptic world, people are surviving in a subterranean complex when they are attacked by some sort of creature


After a large biological attack, most of the world is dead or has been turned into mutant creatures. The few surviving members of the human race live underground. When one site, the Mojave Lab, falls out of contact with another site, they go to investigate. What they find is a few dead bodies and an injured woman. They take the woman back to Mojave Lab not knowing that she has been impregnated by one of these creatures. She gives birth soon after arriving, to a mutant, who escapes and starts running around the complex killing people and trying to mate with the women to create more mutant creatures.

If that sounds terrible, it is. But it’s also enjoyable as hell. We were laughing so hard. Everyone’s reactions are really stupid. Like, the creature gets loose in the ventilation system and they get upset because they were supposed to do maintenance there the following week. The movie jumps around a lot. We felt like we were missing key parts of the puzzling story. It’s the 80’s, so the black guy does die first, but the dog, who looks like one of our dogs, lives, so points there.


The effects are ridiculous. The mutant thing punches people. What kind of creature goes around punching people? I swear to god that this is what happens if the world ends in South Jersey. LOL

Our score reflects the humor, some of the characters, the dog and the utter enjoyment we got from watching the whole thing. We recommend it, just not with a very high score.

Our score: 41.

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