The Witching (2016)

Directed by Corey Norman.  Written by Michelle Davidson, Jesse David Ing, Patrick Rea, Sean Lee and Calvin Weaver.  Starring Jessica Bedell, Ian Carlsen, Joanna Clarke, Jack Scanell, Jennifer Friend, Beth Somerville, Ellen Elizabeth White and Catherine Parker.

Plot: on Halloween, members of a popular podcast go into the woods to tell scary stories


The first story is called Grief and it’s about a couple that loses their son.  The wife really can’t deal with it and begins seeing the ghost of a completely different boy.  We liked this one.  We’re not sure what the motive was, but the specials were pretty decent.

The second story is called Sleepwalker.  This one is also about loss.  A woman loses her husband this time and she starts having terrifying visions of a “sleepwalker” who is pretty horrible looking.  This one also had wicked specials, but I didn’t like that the sleepwalker could drive.  Still we liked this one, too.

The third story is called Next Caller and we didn’t like it.  It’s about a shock jock who wants proof that there is a god and a devil.  There’s poor make up and no Freddy Claws.  It was a waste.

The fourth story is called The Hourglass Figure and we were torn on this one.  It was interesting enough, but there were some plot holes.  It was about a stressed wife and mother who finds an hourglass that gives her an extra hour every day.  There’s of course, a consequence though as there usually is.  And I liked the story, but DJ didn’t.

The fifth story was called Graveyard Shift and it was our favorite.  It was about a parking garage attendant that starts seeing ghosts on his shift.  It was a cool little story with no real specials and we really liked the end.

The last story was called Sweet Hollow and we didn’t completely understand it.  A girl on an isolated road breaks down and is possibly picked up by a cute, psychopathic ghost.  Maybe.  The acting was better in this one then it was in the whole rest of the movie though.


Anyway, we liked the movie, but I liked it a bit more than DJ.  He didn’t even like the wrap around story about the witch.  He’s hesitant to recommend it to everyone.  I think people who like anthologies will dig it.

My score: 58.  DJ’s score: 41.

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