The Open House (2018)

Written and directed by Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote.  Starring Dylan Minnette, Piercey Dalton, Sharif Atkins, Patricia Bethune, Aaron Abrams and Katie Walder.

Plot: a teenager and his mother move to a vacant and isolated house where eerie things start to happen


In the beginning of the movie, the father is run over and dies.  The mother can’t pay the rent on her own, so her sister offers them a property she has in the middle of nowhere.  The only catch is that she’s selling the property, so there’ll be an open house once a week and that means that the mother and son have to leave the house for the day.  They think this is a pretty reasonable request, so they accept her offer.  Once they arrive in the small town though, they immediately meet a rather strange neighbor.  And that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

******SPOILER ALERT******



I watched this movie alone because DJ was busy watching a hockey game.  I wish I had watched hockey instead.  I absolutely hated this movie and now with a bunch of spoilers I will tell you why.

A bad guy enters their house during the first open house they have and he stays inside.  Where he hides and what he eats and when he goes to the bathroom is moot because he’s like a ninja.  He quietly moves around the house, even when they’re awake, and opens doors, steals phones and even trashes their family photos.  At first, the mother blames the son, but then she wises up to it.  And they invite a neighbor over to help.  An attractive man (Atkins), who’s black, and ends up dead.  They just had to, didn’t they??


After that, the mother is killed and after a weird chase the son is killed.  Not surprising anymore.  It’s not petrifying or anything, it’s just pessimistic.  And then, to cap it all off, the bad guy gets into his truck and drives towards another open house, insinuating that he’s just going to kill another family.

It was enormously stupid.  I hate myself for watching it.  It was likable for Atkins, but no one else.  And there were no rules, no motive and it wasn’t fun at all.  I do not recommend.

My score: 16.

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