Knucklebones (2016)

Written and directed by Mitch Wilson.  Starring Julin Jean, Tom Zembrod, Taylor Tippins, Katie Bosacki and Justin Arnold.

Plot: a group of college students unleash a demon while playing a game made from human knuckle bones (eww)


A group of friends discover this ancient dice game behind the wall of an old building and decide to play.  Even though the game comes with a warning, they roll the dice anyway and wind up unleashing a demon called Knucklebones.  He’s pretty disgusting looking, but he ruins it by trying to be the next Freddy Krueger.  He spouts off all these one liners like “That’s what she said.”  Like, please, only Freddy can do that.  No one else.

Meanwhile, the young people in the movie are idiots.  I mean, “wanna summon a demon”, sure they decide, why not.  I’m hoping not everyone would just decide to do something so stupid.  Also, they can’t act.  They overreact to everything.  Although, I do have to admit that the sheriff is the worst of all the actors in the movie.  He must know someone.

The movie gets some points for being utterly hysterical though.  They’re are also a lot of boob shots.  Almost, too gratuitous and that’s coming from us.  And if you wanna watch stupid people die for 80 minutes than this is the movie for you.  But for the rest of you the movie is worthless.


How do they even know how to play the game for example?  There are no real directions.  The specials are wretched – especially the bones breaking.  The whole Nazi part of the movie was irritating and completely unnecessary.  They tried to give Knucklebones several different motives throughout the movie and none of them were good.  It was so unrealistic.  The rules were crappy.  And OMG the end!!  No.  Just no.

My score: 29.  DJ’s score: 23.

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