Gangs of the Dead (AKA Last Rites) (2006)

Directed by Duanne Stinnett.  Written Stinnett and Krissann Shipley.  Starring Reggie Bannister, Patrick Gleason, Enrique Almeida, Dayanah Jamine,  Noel Gugliemi and Krissann Shipley.

Plot: in Los Angeles, a meteor turns a bunch of people into zombies and two rival gangs get caught in the crosshairs


The meteor that crashes contains these alien spores that begin turning people into zombies.  Like, most of the people.  However, these two gangs are mostly alright and can’t even stop fighting each other long enough to fight the zombies.  So, you know, not everyone makes it out alive.

This is gonna be a short review because we didn’t like this movie and unlike most times, I just don’t have much to say about why we didn’t.  Because, in this case, it’s very simple, the movie angered us.

The first half of the movie wasn’t too bad really, but then it went crazy.  The main actress is just horrible and starts whining like a toddler halfway through the movie.  No one was likable.  It was unoriginal, had a script that made us mad with all it’s flaws and the story was laughable.  And how in the hell did the two most annoying people survive?

This movie was not made for human consumption.  Oh, and it also has like four different names.  If you want to find it, for some ungodly reason, and can’t find it under Gangs of the Dead or Last Rites, try City of the Dead or 48 Weeks Later (yes, they were actually trying to capitalize on movies much, much better than they were).

Our score: 34.

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