Dreamscape (1984)

Directed by Joseph Ruben.  Written by Ruben, David Loughery and Chuck Russell.  Starring Dennis Quaid, Max von Sydow, Christopher Plummer, Eddie Albert, Kate Capshaw, George Wendt and David Patrick Kelly.

Plot: a young psychic is recruited by an agency doing good, but that eventually falls into evil hands with very different motives


It’s a complicated plot, so let me see if I can get it all out.  Alex (Quaid) is a psychic who uses his powers for bad: womanizing and gambling mostly.  Then, while running from some people he owes money to, he winds up at an institution run by Dr. Novotny (von Sydow).  It’s a nice institution, using psychics to help treat sleep disorders and nightmares by linking their mind’s with others.  He also meets Jane (Capshaw) there and although they’re not supposed to, they start a little romance.

Eventually though, Bob Blair (Plummer), a big government meany, takes over the institution, wanting to use it to kill people.  And Alex and Jane spend the rest of the movie trying to stop him and trying to get away.

It’s way more sci-fi weirdness than horror, but there are some traumatic parts.  The little boy and his Snakeman nightmares are certainly haunting and the people on the train are revolting.  We loved the cast.  We loved the story.  We totally recommend the movie.

Our score: 66.

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