End of Days (1999)

Directed by Peter Hyams.  Written by Andrew W. Marlowe.  Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Tunney, Gabriel Byrne, Kevin Pollack, Udo Keir and C.C.H. Pounder.

Plot: Satan has returned to earth in the body of Gabriel Byrne and he’s looking for Robin Tunney to bear his child, the anti-christ


In 1979 a baby is born that is supposed to bear Satan’s child on New Year’s Eve.  20-years-later, Christine (Tunney) is being hunted by Satan, who has taken over the body of an investment banker (Byrne), but lucky for her, Detective Jericho Cane (Schwarzenegger) is out to protect her.

It’s a strange plot, but it’s a pretty awesome movie.  More action than horror, but still horror.  It had a great cast, too, and DJ really liked the music.  The only thing bad about the whole thing was how powerful Satan was.  I mean, I know he’s Satan, but shouldn’t crosses have tickled him a little at least?  And how could he enter the church at all?  It wasn’t fair.  I tell you what, Robin Tunney needs to be thankful Arnold was looking after her cause I don’t think anyone else could’ve defeated him.

My score: 63.  DJ’s score: 70.

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