Berserker (1987)

Directed by Jefferson Richard.  Written by Richard and Joseph Kaufman.  Starring Greg Dawson, Shannon Engemann, Beth Toussaint, Mike Riley, Joseph Alan Johnson, John Goff, Rodney Montague, Oscar Rowland, Beverly Rowland and George “Buck” Flower.

Plot: teenage campers flee from an undead Viking warrior


Berserkers are real.  At least, in Old Norse legend they are.  They were vikings who fought in a trance-like fury.  They threw themselves into battle without fear, howling like animals and wearing bear skin.  In the movie though, they also eat human flesh and can be reincarnated.

While the legend is interesting, the movie is not.  Not really anyway.  I mean, it has it’s high points.  Mike (Johnson) being one of them.  He is so awesome.  He cries awesome, his lines are awesome, his sleeveless shirt is awesome and he makes the best decisions – okay that last part was sarcasm.  But it’s classic camp.  The girls get naked.  People wander far too far away from camp to pee.  The dialogue is pedestrian at best.  And there is so much overacting it’s bananas.

It’s also boring though.  There’s not enough death and not enough killer.  And why did his mask disappear in the end?  I didn’t understand what even happened.  We didn’t know the characters very well so it was hard to say if they were likable or not.  There was a poor motive and a ridiculous lack of rules.  We didn’t like it and we can’t recommend it.

Our score: 29.

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