Truth or Die (2012)

Directed by Robert Heath.  Written by Matthew McGuchen.  Starring Tom Kane, Liam Boyle, Jack Gordon, Jennie Jacques, David Oakes, Jason Maza and Florence Hall.

Plot: a group of teens are held hostage by a psychopath that forces them to play a game of truth or dare


On Halloween night, some teenagers are lured to an isolated cabin with the promise of a party, but that’s not exactly what they get.  Instead, they find that they are the only one’s at the cabin and that Felix’s brother (Felix who they had bullied tremendously) is the one throwing the party and he’s got a sinister agenda.

I thought the movie premise was kind of interesting, but DJ did not.  And neither of us gave a crap about the bully characters, so when bad things start to happen to them, we didn’t care much.  It’s like, oh well.  And it really wasn’t horrific enough to even be called a horror movie.  I expected more from the British.

There was good acting, but there weren’t any rules really.  Still, I liked it.  I mean, not a whole, whole lot, but I’d recommend one watch.  DJ doesn’t recommend it at all.  He almost hated it.  It’s like we watched two completely different films.

My score: 54.  DJ’s score: 21.

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