Velvet Buzzsaw (2019)

Written and directed by Dan Gilroy.  Starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Toni Collette, Zawe Ashton, Natalia Dyer, John Malkovich, Tom Sturridge and Daveed Diggs.

Plot: a satirical thriller where the art world elite pays a huge price for essentially stealing a dead man’s artwork


The movie starts off by introducing a lot of pretentious people that make a lot, a lot of money off of art.  And when Josephina’s (Ashton) neighbor dies and she finds paintings in his old apartment, she steals them instead of destroying them like he wanted.  She then takes them to her literally gay boyfriend, Morf (Gyllenhaal) and they work together to introduce this new talent to the art world.  And then a lot of people start to die off.  But only the people making huge amounts of money off this artwork, so it’s very fair.

The innovation is nice – some people die by fire, decapitation, amputation, hanging and someone even has their own tattoo kill them.  It’s an interesting satire about art and what it should all really mean, but it’s not a movie you can just pop in at any old time.  And unfortunately, it was a little unfocused at times.  Sometimes it seemed that the point was what it was really trying to drive home and other times it felt like it was just being weird to be weird.

Still, there was lovely acting, terrific specials, a good motive and a lot of originality.  It followed the rules it set up and everyone that should have lived, lived.  We liked it.

Our score: 52.

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