Malevolent (2018)

Directed by Olaf De Fleur.  Written by Ben Katai and Eva Konstantopoulos, who also wrote the novel titled “Hush”.  Starring Florence Pugh, Ben Lloyd-Hughes, Scott Chambers, Georgina Bevan, Stephen McCole, Nicola Grier and Celia Imrie.

Plot: a brother and sister who fake paranormal encounters for money get more than they bargained for at a truly haunted estate


This is a movie full of not good people.  The brother and sister work with two other people to swindle others.  Apparently the mother was a medium and she killed herself because of it.  The sister has the abilities, too, only she doesn’t want to believe what she sees.  The brother, on the other hand, has no abilities really, but is a complete asshole most of the movie.

The four of them take a new job at a boardinghouse for girls where this older woman’s son killed a bunch of the little girls.  At first, the woman seems completely reasonable, but then she starts talking about how she blames the girls for their own murders and then even the asshole brother is like, “Okay, we’re out.”  Then comes the real story.

There are some jump scares.  The acting is pretty good.  And we liked the ending, which I’m not giving away.  It’s not really twisty or anything, it’s just “nice”.  It wasn’t highly original or anything, but it was entertaining.  I came to like them, too, in the end, but DJ didn’t.  He also didn’t like the effects that much, but I did.


As far the story, we wished there had been more.  We needed some backstory.  If you take our advice and watch it, you’ll understand why.  Still, give it a go.  I really liked it.

My score: 61.  DJ’s score: 51.

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