Waxwork (1988)

Written and directed by Anthony Hickox.  Starring Zach Galligan, Deborah Foreman, David Warner, Dana Ashbrook, John Rhys-Davies, Michelle Johnson and Miles O’Keeffe.

Plot: the owner of a wax museum uses his exhibits to unleash evil into the world.


I remember loving this movie when I was a kid.  Sadly, it doesn’t completely hold up as an adult.  But it does have it’s fun points.  I mean, it’s a really cool concept.  It’s about a group of young people that go to a wax museum filled with classic horror displays – Dracula, the Wolfman, the Phantom of the Opera, etc. – and wind up getting sucked into some of them.  There was nice innovation of course with a concept like that.  And it was entertaining, just not as much as I remember.

DJ thought it was really good in parts, but really slow in others.  If it had been a half hour television episode of the Twilight Zone or something, he would’ve liked it a lot more.  There was also a lot of overacting and a lot of gimmicky things instead of straight comedy that he didn’t like.  And he thought that the fight scene between the elderly people and the wax people was utterly ridiculous.

I recommend at least a viewing, but you could probably do without seeing it.  It’s just sort of there in the annals of horror history.

My score: 55.  DJ’s score: 43.

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